Evolution: Not Just A Theory

By September 20, 2009Evolution
Origin of Species 1859

Charles Darwin presented compelling evidence for evolution in On the Origin of Species, arguable the most important book in history, in 1859. Since his time, the case has become overwhelming. Countless fossil discoveries allow us to trace the evolution of today’s organisms from earlier forms, and innumerable examples of evolution in action can be seen all around us.

DNA sequencing has confirmed beyond any doubt that all living creatures share a common origin.

Origin of Species 1859

And yet despite an ever-growing mountain of evidence, most people around the world are not taught the truth about evolution, if they are taught about it at all. For those who have never had the opportunity to find out about biology or science, claims made by those who believe in supernatural alternatives to evolutionary theory can appear convincing.

So here is New Scientist’s guide to some of the most common myths and misconceptions about evolution.