Playschool Revelations Reading

By January 1, 2011Christianity

From an episode of Sleek Geeks on Australia’s ABC, Rhys Muldoon and Benita Collings leave you with a reading from Revelations that will make you re-assess children’s television:

This reading comes at the end of Episode 4 of Season 2, a show entitled “Apocalypse”. The episode dealt with popular apocalyptic predictions, such as the 2012 Mayan prophecy, death stars and super volcanoes.

Now, Sleek Geeks is a science program, but being ABC funded, they are obviously a little cautious upon who’s toes they tread. Biblical apocalyptic visions were not overtly addressed, but thankfully, they got the team from the children’s show Playschool in to read some of Revelations, hopefully opening some eyes to how truly ridiculous this book of the bible is.

I mean, the bible is a ridiculous book from cover to cover, but I think John must have written Revelations whilst going through that hallucinogenic experimentation phase we all go through growing up.

Sad to say, Christianity and Science don’t really mix, so few Christian minds were likely exposed to this piece. However, we can only hope this is another step toward pushing back the boundaries believers put up around their beliefs.

We’ve all heard religious types spout “You must be respectful of my beliefs” in one breath, and then dismiss the beliefs – nay, human rights – of those not a member of their particular club: gays and lesbians, women, atheists, entire populations of third world countries who receive aid on the condition of conversion.

It’s time we pushed back. Religions have been on a power-grab for the hearts and minds of the unenlightened. We need to educate the masses. Religion is no longer the answer, if indeed it ever was. It only causes an endless cycle of pain: guilt, shame, repression, even financial pain.

Let 2011 be the year when enlightenment gathers momentum and ignorance is no longer the norm.

Happy new year everybody.