The Jews Were Never Slaves in Egypt

By October 2, 2012Bible

Christians still cling to the opinion that their Bible is infallible. They delight in telling us that the Bible is the inspired word of God, even though it’s well documented that the Bible contains more than 400 contradictions, not to mention that it reflects the Bronze-age morality of the time.

Well, here comes science to kick religion in the nuts once again: the Jews were never slaves in Egypt!

This never happened…

It turns out that there is no archaeological evidence of any kind relating to a separate settlement of religious people in Egypt during that time. There is also no evidence of any kind relating to a mass migration across the Sinai Peninsula.

If things did indeed happen as it says in the Bible (and the Torah), there would have to be some archaeological evidence. But there is none.

Further, there is no evidence of any kind that Egypt even used slaves, and certainly no evidence that they enslaved an entire nation. The workers that built the pyramids are known to be well payed Egyptians. The pyramids weren’t even built in the right time period, being 800 to 2,000 years older than the supposed “Exodus”.

The same techniques used to track the migration patterns of ancient humans by examining DNA also show that there was absolutely no procreation between ancient Egyptians and ancient Israelites during the time that the story was supposed to have taken place. Not to put too fine a point on it, but if an entire nation was enslaved for hundreds of years, surely there would have been some inter-breeding.

In short, this story never happened.

And this isn’t even “news” – of course, the scientific community is across the subject, but even conservative Jewish sources admit that there is no evidence (but they still have faith! And some stuff about metaphors and such…)

To drive the point home, I’m even providing sources for you (although, a quick Google search could give you dozens more…)

Basically, everyone in the know admits that what is written in the Bible and Torah simply didn’t happen, not at all, not even the non-supernatural, core plot…

So next time you hear someone tell you the Bible is infallible (or anything about Passover whatsoever) send them one of these links: