I started this blog when I was dating a Seventh-day Adventist. I’ve always been an atheist as long as I can remember, even with a somewhat religious upbringing, but I wanted to try and respect her superstitions as best I could. We had some lively debates, but agreed to disagree when it came to religion – I get that a belief is just that, an unfounded belief.

Anyways, using the moral high-ground afforded those who believe in the one true God, she cheated on me with another Seventh-day Adventist and moved to Sydney. That kinda sucked. I may be an atheist, but I have feelings too, you know!?

You might think that this experience would harden my resolve and add some more sting to my already sharp tongue. Not so. During my time with this girl, I learned firsthand how religion messes up people’s lives. I’m not talking about my relationship here. I mean the guilt religious types carry with them 24/7 – “I’m not a good person.”

Richard Dawkins says teaching children your religious beliefs is a form of child abuse. You don’t label your children with your political beliefs in the same way you would with your religious beliefs. So why would you want to teach them something that shackles them with fear and guilt for the rest of their lives?

Religions are on a power grab, recruiting the young, the naive and the uneducated into the flock. They must know they are losing relevance in an increasingly enlightened world. God has always been used as an explanation for the unexplainable, but more and more we are learning truths outside of the supernatural. God has been relegated to the gaps in our knowledge, and soon won’t be required at all.

So what’s scary is the religions that teach people to put their fingers in their ears and their heads in the sand. The Earth is not 6,000 years old; Evolution is not “just a theory”; dinosaur fossils were not created by God (or the Devil) to test our faith.

Life is such a beautiful, exciting and wondrous experience every second that we have the privilege to experience it – why would you need a religious safety blanket?